Max Igan | Historical Resets and Prophetic Scripts

I speak with Australian dot-connector Max Igan about questioning the super-narrative, the deeper agenda, internet censorship, the subjective nature of misinformation, COVID “vaccine” as experiment, the Mainframe, the mudflood, the Lucifer System, information vs. wisdom, and the inaccuracy of PCRs.

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  • Stuart Dorey says:

    I admire the courage of all of you who have made a stand however in the event we could pushback to an impressive level, how will we defend ourselves against DEW and associated weaponry! These bastards will use what ever power they have to get their desired, end result. It would be as though a primitive race had bow and arrows against black powder weapons. When you have no trust in any of the Military, Police and Judiciary, you have no one to turn to for support! kind regards Stuart.