Kai Muegge | Physical Mediumship, Ectoplasm, and Portals

An interview with Kai Meugge, a physical medium from Frankfurt, Germany whose mediumship harkens back to the days of the Spiritualist movement from the mid-1800s. Here we talk about the history of physical mediumship, what it’s like to be a physical medium, the difference between physical mediums and other types of mediums, apports, how Kai became a medium, Spiritualism, modern Spiritualism, the Fox sisters, spirit rapping, the Scole Report, home circles, Hans Bender, ectoplasm, the trance of seance, medium as interface, becoming a physical medium for a living, knowing what’s going to come through the portal, medium controls, the medium’s cabinet, and spontaneously appearing objects.

Kai Muegge: http://felixcircle.blogspot.com

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