Hunter Muse & Jasun Horsley | The Mythos of Carlos Castaneda

I speak with filmmaker Hunter Muse and author Jasun Horsley about the mythology surrounding Carlos Castaneda and his allegedly fictitious shaman Don Juan. Hunter was in the Castaneda cult for several years and Jasun was inspired to go on a personal quest by the Don Juan books.

Jasun’s Castaneda article as referenced in the interview:

Jasun Horsley:

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  • Drida hook says:

    Hello i am suprised the discussion doesnt discuss the authenticity of the knowledge presented by casteneda and focuses on the personally rather than the knowledge presented.. My experience is that the knowledge presented if practiced is very practical Also a comparison to the yogic knowledge of india shows there is no real contradiction..These guests do not represent the teaching positively imo.
    and take much of it out of context.judging it by its followers rather than on its own merit…