Christopher Bache | LSD and the Mind of the Universe

I speak with author and Professor of Religious Studies at Youngstown State University Christopher Bache about his book “LSD and the Mind of the Universe” which recounts the 73 high-dose LSD sessions that he underwent over the course of 20 years that changed his life and his perceptions of hisself and the universe, Stanislav Grof, being a closeted psychonaut, articulating the psychedelic experience, the intelligence behind the fabric of the universe, psychic/subtle/causal consciousness, reincarnation, up and out cosmologies, another universe as the beyond, science’s move from theology to materialism, samsara, the shattering of egoic consciousness, the utilization of music during psychedelic sessions, purification unto death, transcending duality, the paranatal domain, whole time and deep time, experiential philosophy, collective reincarnation, moving into a post-materialist science, the individual and oneness, and the tipping point in our evolution.

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